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About Alissa

Hey everyone!

My name is Alissa. I started this blog to motivate myself to craft more often. I find myself planning projects but never doing them. Hopefully  this blog will be just the thing to nudge me to craft.

A little about me is that I love beautiful things and taking pictures of beautiful things. I like crafts, interior design, architecture, orange soda, unhealthy food, being in beautiful spaces and places, thrift stores and antique shops, and singing. I can play one song on the ukulele. I collect Jadeite. I currently work full time as a Billing Specialist for a local company. And I’m a Mormon.

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or just want to say hello, e-mail me at



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  1. ChiWei

    Hi Alissa, I got to your site through a link party at Craft Envy, with your Manger Scene. I just wanted to say hi, because I noticed your blog is new, and I’m a new blogger too – started at the end of November. Most of the blogs I’ve been visiting are pretty established, so it’s neat to find another newbie. I’ve been loving your unique crafts and am interested in what’s to come. I wish you all the best!

    ChiWei @

  2. Madison

    Hey Alissa! Send me messages about your divorce maybe I can give you some advice (I’m a counselor)! I hope to hear from you!

  3. Carmen

    Great blog. I have a blog that I try to post in but it is pretty spotty, and not a lot of writing, mostly pictures. I think bloging about your crafting is a great idea. I might try to do that a little more too. Take care, and keep up the great crafts/blogs.
    P.S. I am planning to make the pretty floss eggs soon. I also made playdough the other day with a similar recipe that I have had for years (my recipe has a bit more salt, but everything else is the same). It lasts a long time in a ziploc bag in the fridge, even in the cupboard (in a ziploc) it lasts a long time.

    1. Alissa

      Ha! I’m a terrible example of regular blogging, but It’s definitely a goal of mine.

      Isn’t that playdough great!?

  4. janelle

    thru pinterest i ran into this blog…..i usually leave well enuf alone but you’ve caught my eye….ill be honest and not a fan of the church for varoious reasons (kinda of anti women overall and too hi of expectations if you dont achieve in someone else’s opinion) . i use to do blood drives around oregon and really enjoy going to your church tho. best cookies. im from oregon. so get back into the so- called real world and come back ‘home’ as they say keep portland weird and there is pleny to do. you are superior in the home arts and should pursue this. architectual desinger, interior designer with emphases on structure, teaching home arts(not necessarily for the future homemaker), cad technician with design on the side, take some cooking classes at pcc, mhcc, You likely had some training early on from old fashioned ladies at chuch. ‘church’ ladies have the BEST ideas like martha without the snob factor and that can be you…..I also found another young lady on pinterest that loved to sew and had only been doing it a few years. you kids are pretty good at sinking your teeth into something (she was from london) good luck sweetie

  5. Kiirsten

    Hey Alissa! I stumbled across your blog on Pinterest (best traffic generator EVER!! Right?) But I just wanted to say thanks! I needed a recipe on how to make the paper mache string type eggs today, and that is exactly what you posted. THANKS for being my answer! I’m a blogger too (and a mormon!) Great blog & keep it up!!

  6. cathy boniface

    When I pop the balloon my thread collapses. What am I doing wrong?

  7. Alissa Lozenski

    Hi Alissa! I just found your blog on pinterest and love the few things I have seen already. And an added bonus was seeing that there was someone that had the same spelling as me and a Mormon! I can’t wait to look at the rest of your blog for ideas to do with my boys.

  8. Carol Christensen

    Hi Alissa, I am a Mormon too. I also went through a divorce when I was young (with two sons) I am now married to the love of my life for 25 years. Can you believe it. Time does fly when you’re having fun. I’m a retired Math teacher with 6 grown kids and a burning desire to teach crafting to the entire neighborhood. (kids especially) Love your site! I am new to blogging. Just started in January 2014. VIsit me some time on crafty grandma carol’s corner. bye Keep up the craft work for all.

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