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“Gingerbread” house, with Lights!

Hey everyone, I finally did something thats blog worthy!   It’s so hard to get anything done with a full time job and a very very addicting boyfriend.  I was finally able to get a craft done, since it was with my boyfriend, Mathew.

Mathew’s aunt threw a little party earlier this month where we made “gingerbread” houses. None of us actually used gingerbread, we used wafer cookies.  Mathew and I decided to make a log cabin and stuck large pretzel sticks to the outside of our wafer cookie construction to look like logs.   The roof was out of graham crackers, and the shingles were made with 6 packs of Doublemint gum, the sticks of gum being cut into thirds (except along the top, those are cut in half).  Mathew had the genius idea of using battery operated micro LED lights. We first saw these lights at Walmart while looking for christmas lights for our apartments. We thought they were strange looking little lights and didn’t know what a person would use them for, however when we were brain storming for ideas for our “gingerbread” house Mathew instantly thought of them, and we LOVE them!!

The lights were a little too spread out, so we twisted the wire in-between each light. It actually worked out better that way since the twisted wire gave us something to attach to the house. We put the twisted wire in-between the roof and the shingles. Without the twisted wire, I don’t know how we would have attached the lights!


We also put in a flickering LED light inside the house by cutting a hole in the bottom to insert the light. It looks like there’s a little fireplace lit in there! All that’s missing is a chimney…

We also put a little fire pit out front, and stuck little “coals” on the base of the LED light. The “coals” are actually gum, made to look like coals.

And we used candy chocolate rocks to make a little path, and to make the fire pit.

We made a little marshmallow snowman. He has an orange sprinkle as a nose, and I drew on his eyes, buttons, and scarf with a edible ink pens.

We covered the whole thing in cotton candy snow.

And here’s a picture of me sitting proudly by my creation. We couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out! Can you believe this is my first gingerbread house?

I had a deprived childhood.


When we went back to Walmart to find the micro lights, we had to stop by a couple of Walmarts. It seems not all Walmarts carry them.

I tried to find them on Walmart’s website so all of you could buy them if you wanted to, but I was unable to find them. I did find the white version on Amazon, though!  These are the exact same brand that we used and have the same number of lights, they’re just white. It looks like they have other colors too! (except multi color).  I love that they have 3 different settings (Flashing, Phasing, and Steady On). Also, if you leave them on they will turn off in 6 hours and then turn back on automatically in 18 hours, the same time you turned them on the day before. Cool, right!?

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  1. Kathy Faberge

    Love the lights on your gingerbread house, Alissa! My sister and I have been having gingerbread house parties every year for at least 10 years! We love to do this. We make ours into a friendly competition, awarding prizes for the coziest house or the sweetest house or whatever funny name the judges come up with. Everyone gets a small prize, and then the best overall wins a prize that is a bit nicer. Someone takes pictures of each contestant and their house. The judges are not participants and it’s usually my brother-in-law and son. We have light snacks while we are waiting for the judges to finish up. Each of us takes home their own creation to enjoy over the holidays. It’s loads of fun.

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