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Guest Post: Service “Advent”ures

Hi everyone! I’m sorry i’ve been completely absent lately.  I do plan on getting more projects done and will blog about them… I just don’t know when that will be. Between my full time job and my incredibly handsome boyfriend, I have no time to craft!    Luckily, to lessen the silence of my blog, my cousin Laura thought of a really neat advent calender idea and wanted to do a guest post. Take it away Laura!…

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I hate Advent Calendars.

I was talking to a friend one day about searching through pinterest trying to find an advent calendar that would accommodate three kids, was interesting at three different age levels, and possibly not have “sugar high right before bed” written all over it.

Impossible I tell you.

She mentioned she was trying to find a way to make Hannukah less about doling out the goods, and more about giving back each night.
Then a light bulb went off. The Advent shouldn’t be about getting a gift; after all the whole idea of an Advent is the anticipation and preparation of celebrating Christ’s birth. The preparation word is what sold me. In other words it should be more about displaying Christlike attributes of spreading kindness and loving one another.

Typically I spend the month trying to threaten my kids into goodness (Santa might put you on the naughty list! The elf is going to report that, if you don’t stop it immediately!).

Now I’m a crafty sort of person, but I really didn’t want to put a whole lot of effort into this. I mean seriously, I have enough on my plate this month.

I started writing down every easy service project idea I could think of. My kids love making paper chains to countdown events, so the service chain came from meshing the two together. I pulled ideas from everywhere and everyone. Things my three kids could do that were simple, but thoughtful for others. Most importantly, things they could do that didn’t require (too much) help. I typed them unto my computer and printed them out on pretty holiday appropriate paper. Cut each idea into a strip, linked the ends together with glue dots (but feel free to use regular old white glue), and voila! an advent calendar fit for the season.


I’m including my list for your own inspiration. The Advent countdown traditionally starts the first Sunday of the month.
Thank you Alissa for having me, and happy crafting!

Thank the mailman (include a giftcar/gift)
Cookies for the firefighters
Leave change in the vending machine
Donate toys to the Goodwill/Salvation Army/DI
Donate a can to the food pantry
Thank you notes to Primary teachers/Leaders
Collect all the shopping carts at the store and bring them to the front
Write a note to each cousin
Diapers and wipes on a changing table in a public restroom
Do a neighborhood (or School) trash walk
Hug each member of your family
Open the door for someone today
Let’s make an unexpected playdate to watch somone’s children (I wrote this one twice, there’s a lot of shopping Mom’s need to do on their own!)
Wish list items for the Humane Society
Write a letter to Grandma/Grandpa
Letters to missionaries
Letters to recovering Servicemen at Walter Reed (another idea I wrote twice because we also have servicemen who are on active duty we want to send letters)
Make someones bed for them
Read with a sibling
Doorbell ditch a treat
Smile at three people today
A thank you card to your school teacher
Leave collected couch change in the Bell Ringers bucket (bonus for me- to deep clean the living room)
My very last idea may not sit well with everyone, but it’s the way our family put’s Christ back into Christmas. The last link on the chain will ask my children to give up one of their Christmas gifts to give to someone outside the family. We will doorbell ditch them Christmas afternoon. (Mommy and Daddy also participate, but we will have selected things ahead of time that the family actually needs)

I am the Mother of three rambunctious kids, wife to an even more rambunctious husband, and author of the novel Founder- which can be found at this link.

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Thanks Laura!

Isn’t that a great idea!? What a neat way to teach your children the true meaning of Christmas.


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