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Hello everyone!

Did you miss me?

Or perhaps you forgot I even existed? That’s okay, I forgive you.  It’s easy to do with how little I’ve been posting lately.


I just wanted to share some fun thrift store finds with you. I’ll be giving my nephews’ room a make over and I decided to do the fun part first which would be shopping for random junk to put in the room!

I wasn’t exactly sure of where I wanted to go with this room, but I had a few ideas. My shopping trip helped me create a vision of what I need to do to the room. I’m going to call it “vintage industrial”. My mom and I went to Every. Single. DI in the Salt Lake valley (DI, or Deseret Industries, is Utah’s version of Good Will). There’s 8 of them. And we bought something at each store.   Take a look at some of the goodies I scored!

I’ll apologize in advance for the bad cell phone pictures, and the fact that I didn’t get pictures of everything.


This store had a stack of some pretty sweet vintage school chairs, and they’re nice and sturdy! I wanted both yellow and orange chairs, but there’s only two nephews and only so much space, so I went with two matching yellow chairs. I also found a vintage rocking horse! I don’t think I’ll paint over this baby, all she needs is a clean up and a new handle bar and a rein.

Chairs: $3 each

Rocking Horse: $6


One of the chairs had an unfortunate accident. A leg hid the door as we were walking out of the store, causing a foot to pop off.  Luckily my dad is a handyman and fixed it as good as new after a little surgery.


I thought this was a great find for a metal/industrial room. I also bought a little metal shopping cart which has a similar whimsical feel.

Metal bug of some sort: $0.50

Small Metal Shopping Cart: $1


I’m probably the most excited for this one. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but my parents both think it’s a bingo cage thingy. It’s basically a cage that splits in two and snaps back together. I plan on turning this baby into a light fixture! awww yeah!

Bingo Cage: $1


This was my first purchase of the day, and it set the mood for the entire trip. When I first saw it I ran to get my mom so she could see “the creepy horse”… but the more I looked at it the more I loved it. And then I bought it. I think it has a ton of character, and it goes great with the rocking horse! Hopefully it wont give the children nightmares.

Creepy Horse: $7


I actually bought two rocking horses. I bought the smaller one with the blue rockers before I found the white one with the pretty paint job, which I like a lot more. So now theres two. I’m not sure if I’m going to sell the smaller one or keep it. There are two nephews, so they could each have their own.. but I’m not sure if I can get them to match, my original plan was to paint the smaller one a bright solid color. And again, I only have so much room to work with. I’ll keep you updated on the horse situation!

Smaller Rocking Horse: $5


I bought several metal baskets. Three of them look just like the basket pictured, and then I have a square basket with a handle. I plan on filling them with balls. I bought some old golf balls which will look great in this basket.

Baskets: $1.50 each

Bag of golf balls: $5


I bought some vintage billiard balls to put in this basket. If the holes are too big then i’ll get some old baseballs or softballs.

Basket: $1

Vintage Billiard Balls: $12 for a full set.

I bought two of these things. I’d like to turn them into wall sconces. The boys will have a bunk bed, and I’d like to have one of these lights by each bed for a reading lamp. I’m not sure how well this idea will play out, but I’m really hoping  it’ll happen!

Wall Sconces: $1.50 for the pair

And that is it.

Are you starting to get the “vintage industrial” feel I’m going for? I am! Seeing all this junk together just makes me happy. I’ll be even happier once they’re all in their rightful places in my nephews’ room!


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  1. DONNA

    I have my grandson living with me.I think I will take some of your ideas and go to Goodwill.I will see what they have.Thanks for the tips.
    Always nice to have someone help when your stuck.

  2. senorjefe

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Nita

    Love your ideas. I will try your heat pad.

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