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Metal Stamping Adventures: All Is Well Necklace

I’ve been wanting to try metal stamping for awhile.  And my Birthday Calendar doesn’t count. The birthday calendar was a bit of a fail, at least the metal stamping part was. This was probably because I used a piece of wood to stamp on top of instead of a steel bench block.

I know better now.

It took me awhile to finally try stamping again after the Birthday Calendar, but after watching THIS Youtube video I gained some more confidence and bought myself a steel bench block, the only thing I was missing.

And boy am I glad I decided to try again!

I have been coveting this necklace for at least a couple of years now. I first saw it on one of my favorite blogs, Nienie Dialogues, and have wanted one ever since. You can find Nienie’s necklace at THIS Etsy store.

Instead of buying the necklace, I decided to make it! The idea first came into my mind when I found the metal stamping set for my Birthday Calendar. I justified buying the stamping set because I would make pretty jewelry, especially an “all is well” necklace.  Well, several months later I finally decided to do it!

What you’ll need:

-Hammer (a regular one will do)

-Metal Stamp Set ($10-$20)

-Steel Bench Block ($12)

-Stamping Blanks or “Round Bail Plates” ($2.50 for 4 peices)

-Steel Wool

-Permanent Marker

-Panter’s Tape or Masking Tape

-A pad or towel of some sort


I added the regular prices for the items I recently purchased from Hobby Lobby. Make sure you go with a 40% off one item coupon if you buy your supplies from there! They ALWAYS have a coupon on their website.  You can also pull up the coupon from their website on your smart phone and they’ll give you the 40% off that way.

Here’s the basic run down of how to metal stamp:

All you do is set the steel block onto a folded towel or a pad. This protects your table.

Then tape down your stamping blank to the steel block. Line the tape up straight, you’re going to use it as a guide so your letters will be straight.

Then grab your letter and place it on the blank, lining it up to the tape. Make sure it’s facing in the right direction. Also make sure that the stamp is perpendicular to the metal and isn’t on an angle.

Then grab your hammer and firmly whack the letter. Just once! Whacking it more than once is a dangerous game.

After you’ve stamped all the letters trace over the letters with a sharpie, or other permanent marker, making sure the indents have ink in them.

Once they’ve been inked, buff off the ink with some steel wool, working in circular motions.


And you’re done!

I tried it twice, just to see if my second would be better than my first. They were both slightly imperfect, but that’s okay because I actually like the imperfectness of it.


I forgot to buy a chain, but I found a little owl necklace in my jewelry stash with a chain that would go okay with the pendant. I bought the necklace at Forever 21 for about $2 last summer and never wore it, it still had the tag on it until today!  At first I tried to take off the owl, but both ends of the chain had thingies that made removing it impossible, so I just slid the pendant onto the chain with the owl. I love how it turned out! I think it actually looks much much better with the owl!  I love happy accidents.


I’m pretty happy about how these turned out, and I’m excited that I finally have the tools to make lots of stamped pendants!  You might see some more metal stamped pendants on this blog, I’ve got several blanks of all different shapes and sizes and colors just begging to be used.


How about you. Have you ever tried metal stamping, or had any happy accidents lately? Let me know!


PS- Did you notice that “all is well” is also written on my bathroom wall? I fell in love with the saying after I saw the necklace on NieNie and decided to put it on my wall, but the wall quote just wasn’t the same as the necklace!

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  1. Laura

    love this! I bought a metal stamp set years ago and have never used it. I have seen necklaces like this online and have been wanting to make my own. Never thought to look for the necklace blanks at Hobby Lobby. Thanks for the idea!!

    1. Alissa

      Well it’s about time you use your stamp set! Yeah, Hobby Lobby has them in all different shapes and sizes and styles, I definitely recommend going there to grab some blanks.

  2. Danni Baird

    That is one cute necklace! I have had difficulty lining up my letters…thank you for the tip with the tape!

    1. Alissa

      I agree, that tip is genius! And the tape comes off so nicely too. I have seen people mark it with a permanent marker as well and buff it off, but I like the tape idea better.

  3. StampLadyKatie

    Wow, very impressive. I do rubber stamping but I’ve never tried this with the hammer. Did you cut the little owl or did you buy the shape?

  4. Nicole

    The metal stamps work great on leather. Use a wooden block under the wet leather and a wooden mallet.

    1. Alissa

      Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to try that!

  5. ellie

    Amazing tutorial! It just make me want to try this as soon as possible!

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