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Custom Cell Phone Cases

Good evening! (or afternoon, or morning). I just finished up this fun little project today and thought I’d share it with you, since I love it so much.  I’ve been wanting to do this project for awhile now. I finally ordered a clear cell phone case from Amazon.com the other day, and today it arrived! I headed right on over to the craft store and picked out some scrapbook paper. As you can see, I went overboard. I don’t usually get the chance to buy any of the beautiful papers I drool over, since I don’t scrapbook, so this was the perfect excuse to buy lots of pretty paper.

If it’s not self explanatory enough, basically all you do is trace around your cell phone on some scrapbook paper. Cut it out. And then cut out a hole for the camera and flash. I used the clear cell phone case to help me determine where to put those holes, since there is a hole in the case for the camera and flash. To do this I laid the clear case on the cut out cell phone shape and traced around the hole. I cut the holes out with a round hole punch, I just punched around the traced area until all the area was all punched out. You could probably cut the hole out with an exacto knife as well.  Once I got a good pattern cut out, I used it as a template for the other covers.

Once they’re all cut out you just pick which ever pattern you feel like, stick it in the case, and snap it onto your phone. It stays in nice and tight, and the case keeps it in place so you don’t have to worry about it slipping around or falling out.  I freakin’ LOVE this! Now I can customize my case to match any outfit, mood, or holiday! And it’s so easy and inexpensive too!


Check out what my phone will be wearing for the Independence Day,  lovely chevron stripes and stars. It will definitely be the best looking phone at the family barbeque (if we have a family barbeque this year).

I have an iPhone, as I mentioned earlier, and I don’t know if this technique will work for other phones. If you know of another type of phone this technique will work for please let us know in the comments!


UPDATE: I’ve had a lot of people ask where I bought the case. I bought it off Amazon.com. Here is a link to the exact case I purchased. So far I’m pretty happy with it!



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  1. DONNA


    1. Becca

      Donna, I have a slide phone as well and I know Amazon sells transparent cases for less than $5. I’ll give it a go!

  2. partycraftsecrets

    Very, very cute – well worth the effort!! I found you via linky; off to have a good look around – love you to come join me too – the more the merrier! http://partycraftsecrets.blogspot.com.au/

  3. cassidy

    This is such a great idea!! Love how simple and easy it is! Love your blog. You have some really great projects. Following you on Pinterest :)


  4. Jeannie

    This is such a super cute and clever idea! If I didn’t need a rubber case for protection from my toddlers, I would do this today. Thanks for linking it!

  5. Firedropdesign

    Would never have thought about doing it that way! Great idea!! On my to do list!!

  6. Hasmi Ferguson

    Alissa! I love your blog. And this is totally brilliant. I was going to get one of those custom cases printed so I could have my indie dyer company logo on my iPhone. Now I don’t have to. Thanks for sharing!

    I’d be happy to send you a skein of yarn if you want to pick out something as a gift to say thanks for sharing all this stuff so generously – http://www.rockymountaindyeworks.com. Its not up to date – sorry but behind schedule – so some things on the site have been sold but you can email me through the site if you want to take me up on the offer and let me know what you’d like.

  7. Jaime

    So smart and fun! I should try to find a similar case for my phone!

  8. patti

    Love this! Where did you get your scrapbook paper that is pictured?


    1. Alissa

      I got a couple of them from Hobby Lobby, the rest I got from a small local shop called Pebbles In My Pocket.

  9. marissa

    I love this! I hope you’ll stop by and add this and any other posts you’re proud of to my Wednesday What We Wore, Read, and Made Link party


  10. praew

    Tha’s really great idea ! =) do you have a pattern of iphone case and may i ask, what did you use to stick a paper into the clear case?

    1. Alissa

      I bought the clear case off amazon.com, and I used the cell phone to trace the shape, and the case to trace the hole.

  11. deniece

    Love this idea, but where did you get the clear cases?
    Thanks in advance

  12. Megan Sudermann

    I’ve done this too, but I glued the paper to the case. That way you can do the sides too. I got my case from dollar giant for $1.25 :)

    1. Dezy

      What kind of glue did you use to make it stick?

      1. Alissa

        I didn’t use any glue. I slipped the paper inside the case, against the phone.

  13. Jordon Furnell

    How awesome!! Thanks for posting!

  14. Emily at SweetBellaRoos

    Great idea! I would love for you to link up to my ‘Pin It Thursday’ party http://www.sweetbellaroos.com/2012/07/05/pin-it-thursday-1/

  15. Rachel

    I love this idea! Wish I had an iphone. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  16. Shelly

    Thanks for sharing this idea! I will definitely try this!
    Have a GREAT day!

  17. Kayla

    This is Awesome! I am so in love with all of those papers- and I have a clear case at home too! Squee! I featured you on 2 pick Tuesday! http://saynotsweetanne.com/2012/2-pick-tuesday-4/

  18. Katie

    Love this idea! What brand/model of case did you buy? I also have an iPhone 4s

    1. Alissa

      Hello, I added a link in the post to the exact case I purchased. I hope that helps!

  19. Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles

    I’ve wanted to try this project. Just need to see if I can find the right case for my phone. Super cute!

  20. Angie K.

    Love it! I’ve been wanting to do this exact same thing, but I do love the softer silicone/gel cases. They soften the many falls my phone takes. Any hard cases I’ve tried, cracked open the first time I dropped my phone. Can I ask how well this particular case holds up? Thanks!

    1. Alissa

      I think the case isn’t the strongest. I don’t have any kids, and I’m pretty good about not dropping my phone, so this case works great for me! I know that there are some more durable clear cases out there, I hear Walmart has one with bumpers.

  21. Sharon H

    This is awesome! I still have the clear case that I bought with my phone and have been using a silicone case instead because I like the feel better, but might have to try this with some of my scraps! Hey,s top over for some blog candy when you have a chance! http://craftroomtransformation.blogspot.com

  22. Rachel

    Such a great idea! I got a Griffin Reveal case from WalMart. It has a clear back and rubber bumpers all around. Instead of tracing, and free-hand cutting, i measured then used a straight paper cutter. The dimensions for the paper are 2.25″x4.5″ rounded with a 1/4″ corner rounder punch. I used an xacto knife and small file for the camera/flash hole.

    Thanks for posting this!

  23. Cheranne


    I have done this and can not thank you enough for sharing this with us!
    I do have 1 question and i hope someone can help….id like to stick the paper to my clear cover, and make a few different covers.

    Any recommendations for a sturdy pretty much invisible glue?

    Hoorah for pinterest for bringing me here! xx

    1. Alissa

      Hmmm, I’d try sticking it to the case with Mod Podge, but I’ve never done it so I can’t guarantee it will turn out okay.

  24. Jessica Mullins

    Thanks for the great idea!!! I work for Stitch Craft Create magazine and I made this :) I’m going to blog about it and tag your post. Thanks!!

    1. Alissa

      wow, thanks Jessica!

      1. Jessica Mullins

        No, thank YOU for the fabulous idea! Not only do I have a choice of what style I want, but I also saved $$ in the process :) The blog is scheduled to be posted about 2:30p CST tomorrow afternoon :) Thanks again. Brillant.

        1. Alissa

          I’ll keep my eye out for it. Thanks again!

  25. Hannah

    Dearest Alissa,

    I am so glad I know you in real life. I am obsessed with your blog and your craftiness. I want to do this craft so badly, but I don’t know how I can cut it so perfectly the way you do if I do not have special crafty cutters. Suggestions? You’re the best. Miss working with you!



    1. Alissa

      Oh Hannah,

      I’m not that crafty, I just endeavor to craft… and in my opinion I’m falling short of my goal. Oh well. If I can trace out a phone onto paper and cut it out, so can you! All I used was a pair of scissors and a hole punch. Mine are not perfect, but they’re good enough and nobody is going to look that closely. If you want perfection you can get a straight paper cutter and a rounded corner punch.

      I’m so happy we worked together, and you’re lame for quitting!



  26. Ann Marie

    I am so excited to try this!! I just went through an epic ordeal of searching for a cute case for my iPhone!! I have ordered the clear case, and cut out a template from my phone. As soon as I hit the craft store, I’m ready to go!!! What a terrific idea!!

  27. Chasity

    I’m not very good on tracing the case! But I thought this was a great idea, so me and my best friend ordered the clear cases for our phones and they just came in today, now I need to get the scrapbook paper! (:

  28. Molly Wieber

    Any tips for getting my case off once it’s on?? I’m afraid I’m going to break it! It’s snapped together nice and tight – as it should be… Just can’t get it open now to change out the paper.

    1. Alissa

      The case I used does come off with a little force. I usually loosen one corner up a little and then pull up a corner adjacent to it.

  29. Jen

    I have a clear case for my android phone, and this method works great! Thank you!

    1. Alissa

      Thanks Jen! that’s good to know, I had no idea how it would work with other types of cell phones. I’m glad that iPhone users aren’t the only ones who can do this.

  30. Rebecca

    I do this also but create my images in Photoshop first then print :) You can do it with other phones same concept but most Android phone have a rounded edge so what I do is trace the case onto paper scan it then increase the size by 10% lightly trace what needs to be cut out and cut it with an Xacto :)

  31. Mike Bennette

    This is a nice idea. I always get tired of my cell phone case like 10 days after I put it on. Being able to change it at will will be nice and cost effective too, thanks.

  32. Montanna

    I was wondering if like I could print out a picture on photo paper would it still work? Cause I want to do a special birthday present for a friend

    1. Alissa

      You could definitely do that!

  33. Kita

    Found your awesome idea on pinterest a few weeks ago and loved it. Then got an iPhone 4 for my birthday and found the perfect case it has a rubber edge but clear back so it’s more protected than a plain plastic case and I wanted share it http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Griffin+Technology+-+Reveal+Hard+Shell+Case+for+Apple%26%23174%3B+iPhone%26%23174%3B+4+-+White/2808035.p?id=1218352572979&skuId=2808035

    Sorry for the long link but I found it at a best buy store
    Also thanks for the awesome idea I have about 10 pieces of scrapbook paper waiting to be cut!

    1. Alissa

      Thank you for sharing!

      I might upgrade to one with bumpers, but I’m in no rush since I’m pretty good about not dropping my phone and I don’t have any kids.

  34. Aj

    I just ordered a case off of Amazon for my Galaxy S2 (sprint) and I can’t wait to try this cause I have been wanting a purple case for my phone and didn’t want to pay big bucks for it! My case only cost $2.90 and I have a tun of scrapping paper laying around the house. Thank you for this money saving idea!!!!

    1. Alissa

      Thanks for sharing! It’s good to know this can be done with different kinds of phones and not just the iPhone.

  35. iProjectAssist

    This is so great! Mashable features the top 10 pins of the week and it brought me here. As a person that loves graphics and prints this is completely awesome. Will be repinning the minute I’m back on Pinterest.


  36. Maria

    I love this idea! We’ve been making our printable iPhone templates for a while now! Check them out! http://www.seethatthere.com/search/label/freebies

  37. Kelli

    I wonder if I old do this with a Lear iPad case??

  38. Cell Phone Cases

    Those custom cell phone cases are great! I’m looking for another one right now for my iPhone 4s, but may wait until the iPhone 5 comes out.

  39. Lauren

    what size hole punches did you use?

  40. Dee

    Hi do you have the paper going around the sides of the case?

  41. Rebekah

    Do you have any idea if there is a cover like this with a white bumper area and clear back? I’d love to try this out but would really like white sides to go with my white iphone.

    1. Mal

      I found a few on ebay for about $6 – black and white bumpers with clear backs (i got black because white gets too dirty).


      Be forewarned that if you use too thick of scrapbook paper the bumper wont fit around your phone – at least that’s what happened to me.

      Good luck!

  42. Martha

    I was wondering if you would have a template of the size & where to punch out the hole for the camera & flash.. I can’t seem to get it right, & I end up with crooked smaller/larger edges :/
    Also, regular computer paper (printed with any image) would work a lot better than any other thicker paper, the case doesn’t seem to grip as well with too thick paper ;)

  43. Janey

    I have a Galax S II phone, I love to personalize it with the different prints. Great Idea /thanks

  44. Anne

    Thanks so much for this great idea!! I bought my sister a bunch of those touchscreen compatible gloves for christmas, only problem is she’s OCD about everything matching so I needed cases to match the gloves. I’m a broke college student and also could not find good enough colors that matched so this was absolutely perfect!! thanks so much!

  45. Amanda Tempel

    I LOVE this!

  46. Tie

    If anyone cares I got my clear case at the Dollar Tree.

  47. Lynn Mercurio

    Brilliant idea…I saw a link to your site on The Daily Digi, and I’m so glad I did. I have a clear case because I love the beauty of my iphone 5, but the idea of decorating the back is simply divine!

  48. Ashlee bowe

    I was wondering can you glue the paper to the case and If you can how and what type of glue do you use ?

    1. Alissa

      Hello Ashlee. You could definitely glue paper to the case. Just keep in mind that it wont be interchangable. To glue paper to the case, I would use some modpodge.

  49. raechel

    hi, could this be dangerous at all if the phone gets hot or anything??

    1. Alissa


      That’s an undertsandable concern. I have used mine for nearly a year and have not had a problem. I personally feel that the phone doesn’t get hot enough to light the paper on fire or anything like that.

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