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Striped Straws and Bakers Twine

Today I went craft store shopping to find some supplies for an upcoming project. I randomly decided to stop by a little scrap booking shop that I haven’t been to in over 10 years, Pebbles In My Pocket in Orem, UT, and boy am I glad I stopped in!

I felt like a kid in a candy store.

I’ve seriously been coveting colorful striped straws and bakers twine for a loooong time now… and there it was, at my finger tips!

Somehow I was able to stop myself from purchasing every color of straw, as well as a big spool of twine in every color.

Someday I WILL have a spool of twine in every color, of that I’m sure.

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  1. Linda Hanson

    We are planning on making the rice shoulder heating pad. We have the rice and lavender, but are unsure of the kind of corn used. Can you please clarify that for us. Thank you for your future response. Also thank you for the great gift idea. Sincerely, Linda Hanson

    1. Alissa

      Hi Linda,

      I did not use corn for my heating pad, only rice. It does not matter which kind of rice you use.

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