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What a CRAZY month March ended up being!

When I first pinned my simple Easter project I did NOT expect it to be as popular as it was. I expected a few hundred pins at most… I hit that mark within minutes of pinning it. A little over a month later it now has almost 270,000 pins! And that’s without the spammers who have pinned my pictures.  Curse you spammers! (Imagine I’m shaking my fist and the darn spammers)

Pinterest did a fabulous job of creating buzz about my post, which led to tons of people blogging about the craft. I have gotten quite a bit of traffic from these bloggers. Thanks guys!  It’s crazy to read some of those blog posts, actually some of them I can’t read because they’re in different languages  (and I’m still trying to master English), but the ones I can read often start out with something like “If you’re on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen this project” Weird!  What’s really weird is seeing your project randomly show up on a blog you follow!

My sister, Teresa, was probably more excited about all the buzz than I was.  Check out this shirt she bought me for my birthday.  Now I can be a walking billboard!

I only wish I made a cuter and less seasonal logo.

Her excitement didn’t end at the shirt. She also emailed a local TV talk show, Studio 5, and told them about my blog post. They decided they liked it and said they’d air it on their show! I don’t know if it ever happened, since I didn’t always have time to watch the show, but they did post a link to my blog on their website.

If you don’t mind a quiet and sideways video, check out the moment when she told me she contacted Studio 5. She was so proud of herself that she recorded the event. That woman and her husband marched right into my work, when I was unshowered and unsuspecting of anything, and announced it in front of all our fellow co workers (both my sister and brother in-law work for the same company).

Don’t worry, I have plans to cute-ify that little cubical. After all, it is where I spend a large chunk of my time (I am a full-time employee).

Speaking of work, the whole company has been quite happy for me. So happy that they sent an email to the entire company about my blog… and thats a LOT of people. I’m pretty shy about my blog when people mention it at work, my supervisors have said that I’m down playing the whole thing and think they act more excited about it than me. This is probably true. What I do enjoy from my co-workers is hearing stories of how their friend posted a link to my blog on their facebook page, or how they overheard some people talking about my project.  That’s pretty insane!

Again, I can’t believe how popular that project got.

Now I have a few more readers than just a handful of friends and family members, and I’d love to have you stay! I have loved reading everyone’s comments, you guys have made some awesome suggestions. I didn’t realize there were so many different ways to stiffen up some string.   I have plans to test out all the new stiffening mixtures you fabulous people have told me about to see which one is the best! There are a couple of them that sound better than mine, I’m actually not a huge fan of the white crusties the flour left on the string eggs.  So stay tuned for that post!  It actually might be awhile, I’m thinking I will do this experiment  for Halloween or Christmas crafts.

Some of you might be wondering what else I’ve got up my sleeve besides more balloon/stiffener/string crafts, and cubical decorating.  Well,  I’ve moved back in with my parents, after separating from my husband,and not much has changed in this house since growing up here. There’s plenty of cupboards, walls, furniture, and light fixtures to be painted. I also don’t plan to fork over a lot of my own money to update the house, so I’ll be redecorating on a budget.   I also plan to do several more crafts in between updating things on the house, after all this is “Crafty Endeavor”.

You’ll probably see several free-for-me projects that come from my mom’s top secret craft and sewing rooms.  That woman has got herself a lot of sewing treasures, unfortunately none of you will ever get to see those rooms where thosetreasurers live (it’s top secret, remember?), but you WILL get to see what I can make using items from her craft supply! (with her permission, of course).  I’m thinking of doing featured posts of items I have found in my mom’s stash, and hopefully you guys will give suggestions on what to make with them because I’m not always as creative as I wish to be.

So that’s a good idea of what you can expect from this blog. I’m so excited about all the possibilities and directions this can go, It’s going to be a fun adventure!









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  1. imklvr

    Just so you know….I started following you before you became famous!!! So….I guess I can say “I knew you when”, can’t I? Seriously, congratulations on all of this! I know I bookmarked your idea when I saw it….I don’t have a blog. I just stalk ‘em. Keep up the good work…..I’ll be waiting for your next project!!

    1. Alissa

      thanks for thinking I was cool before I was cool!

      Actually I’m not that cool. Yet.

  2. Summer F

    Oh my goodness that is SO AWESOME!!!!! You should be so proud of yourself for everything you have accomplished so far. You are so creative and people finally noticed. :) It’s crazy that huge things like this happen to normal people. Congratulations!!!

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