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Easter Egg Tree

It was my 23rd birthday a couple of days ago. I spent the day making an Easter Egg Tree.  I remember having one in the house growing up. My mom had made a little tree for the dining table. She painted the tree white and painted flowers and polka-dots  on the eggs in pastel colors with acrylic paint.  I decided to make an updated version of that.

I went to Home Depot looking for gray paint, but then I spotted the metal finish spray paints and changed my mind.

I decided to go with Rust-oleum’s Metallic Paint and Primer in Titanium Silver.

I found the branch in a friend’s orchard. No sanding was needed since the bark was nice and smooth. If the bark was rough and peely, sanding it would have been a good idea.


I then made a cement base for my tree. I used a stepping stone kit and followed the directions on the box. Instead of buying a more expensive mold from the craft store, I bought a container from the dollar store. It worked beautifully.

After I poured the cement into my mold and smoothed it out, I added my tree.  I kept the tree supported by tying it to some chairs with yarn.

I waited over 24 hours for it to dry. To pop it out of the container I held the tree upside down while my mom wiggled the container off of it. It came off pretty easily.


Then it was time to make the eggs!


To hollow out the eggs you’ll need a push pin. Carefully (but firmly) puncture the top of your egg.

Then chip away around the hole to make it bigger until it’s about this big.

Puncture the other end of the egg with the push pin, it doesn’t need to be as big as the first end.

Then scramble the egg a bit by sticking a straight pin in a hole and wiggling it around the inside of the egg.

After that, blow through the small hole, letting the egg guts squirt out the bigger hole.

You’ll want to rinse it out after the insides are blown out. I found that running the water on half of the hole will help it go in easier.  There might be a membrane in the way as well, I used a straight pin to push that out of the way when filling the eggs with water.

Eventually you’ll be left with a lot of scrambled eggs, and ready-to-decorate shells.

To decorate my eggs I used Martha Stewart Glitter. I also bought a pack of small foam eggs from the Dollar store, I thought different sizes of eggs would look very nice on my tree.  I decided to re-decorate these eggs to match my bigger shell eggs, and boy were they easy to decorate! I just pulled the bows off, brushed on some Elmer’s glue, dumped glitter on them, and stuck them in a cup to dry. Once they were dry I pulled them off the skewer.  Easy peasy.

The shells were a little more difficult to decorate.

I brushed some glue on half the egg, dumped glitter on it, and set them in an egg carton to dry.

Tip: Do NOT set them in the egg carton to dry. You’ll see why later, if you can’t already guess why.

Once the first half was dry I painted glue on the other half and dumped on glitter… again setting them in the egg carton to dry. (Don’t do that).

I was absolutely giddy over how fabulous the glitter turned out. I was my first time using Martha Stewart glitter and it exceeded my expectations.  Even my dad noticed the quality of the glitter, and that’s saying something.

Once the eggs are dry, hot glue matching embroidery floss in a loop to the eggs and hang them up.

I love it!!!

The only parts I don’t love is some of the eggs, which look like this after drying them in the egg carton.

If I could do it again, I would dry them on a soda bottle lid, or a shot glass.

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  1. Erin

    This is a great site on decorating and drying eggs! LOVE your tree, my daughter and I might try this over the weekend!


  2. Sharon

    Good idea, it looks great

  3. Emily


  4. Sucika

    This is beautiful!!!

  5. Karen

    Awesome idea and thanks for the step by step especially the warnings! This looks fabulous.

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