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Easter Egg Garland

I made some Easter eggs today out of string, and turned some of them into a garland.  Here’s how I did it!

Make a stiffener mixture. I used 1 cup of Liquid Starch mixed with a half cup of flour, and blended it in a blender. You could double or triple this recipe if you’d like.  I did.


Next I got some string, I used embroidery floss. You could also use pearl cotton thread or crochet thread.

Apparently the embroidery floss section of the store is a dangerous place, I grabbed a bunch and couldn’t stop myself.

Then you stick your string in a bowl of starch goo, but don’t just plop it in there like I first did. Your string WILL get into a knot… and it’s not fun to try and un-snarl gooey string.  So don’t do it. Instead coil your string into the mixture and gently press it into the goo, I didn’t get one knot doing it this way.

For a little egg, blow up a water balloon and wrap the gooey string around the balloon. Make sure you wipe off the excess goo and let it fall back into the bowl, it doesn’t need to be drippy.

One skein of embroidery floss was just enough for one water balloon sized egg.


It’ll take several hours for it to dry. Once it dries, pop the balloon. You might have crusty stuff in-between the string, I scraped that out with a straight pin.

Update: After reading some comments, I think it’s important to mention that you need to fill the water balloons up with air and not water. Your eggs will be ruined if you pop a water balloon filled with water.


I stuck a bunch of finished eggs into a trifle bowl and thought it looked swell…

But then I decided to thread the eggs onto some more embroidery floss and made a garland out of them. You’ll need a fairly big needle to do this.

I threaded it  at about 1/4th of the way down from the top of the egg.

To keep them in place, I hot glued the eggs to the string.

And that’s it!  I just love how it turned out!  The bright fun colors are so… bright and fun!

I also made a couple of bigger eggs with regular sized balloons, and they turned out amazing!! Each of them used 4 skeins of embroidery floss.

I also made a couple of big eggs with lace. I don’t like them as much as the embroidery floss eggs, but they’re still kinda cool.

Another idea for these eggs is to cut out a hole in the side, trim the edge of the hole with lace, and stick stuff inside of it… like Easter grass and a chick.


Hopefully I’ll make some more Easter crafts to share, I have a few ideas up my sleeve this year ;-)


UPDATE: I’m getting a lot of questions about the liquid starch. I used Sta-Flo liquid starch, found in the laundry detergent isle. I found mine at Walmart, but you should be able to find it just about anywhere.

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  1. Jennifer Rollins

    Cute, cute, cute!!! Visiting from The Shabby Nest! Have seen this done before but how clever to turn it into a garland! I have Spring decorating on the brain so I am going to try it! I hostess a linky party myveryownself every Sunday and would love for you to link up!



  2. Kara

    What a great Easter idea!! I would love if you would stop by and share this at my I Love Fridays link party :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Kara

    Thanks for linking up :) I know my readers are going to love this idea!!

  4. Marisa

    Adorable. I like them. I found you on Craft Junkie Too and I am an new follower.

  5. Missrobyn

    This is so cute and really puts you in the mood for spring, doesn’t it?

  6. Meeha

    So cute and contemporary, I love your style! Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my Spring vignette!

  7. C.K.

    They Look Awesome !!!

  8. Laura

    If you want to do the “nest,” just draw a hole on the balloon with a permanent marker. When you’re applying the floss just make sure to wrap around the hole. It will make a much neater effect than trying to cut into the egg shape. These are so fun to make with kids- they love all the goopy “glue.”

    1. Alissa

      Great idea, Laura! My mom did just that with hers… but she never finished it so I didn’t get a picture.

  9. Joy

    What a great idea! I just found another way to decorate the house! Thank you!

  10. Ferchi

    Hi, the Liquid starch comes like this or do you mix with water, and after with flour?, and if Yes, howmuch water did you add?
    Thank you for this nice idea.

    1. Alissa

      No water, just liquid starch and flour. The liquid starch provides enough liquid.

      1. Hope Lucas

        what if you can’t buy the liquid starch is there away to make it?

        1. Stacey

          You can make liquid starch at home. Just google liquid starch recipe. It is made from cornstarch and water.

  11. Walton Skelley

    Hi!! Love this idea and want to do it with my kids this weekend. Maybe my mind has just gone blank, but the only liquid starch I can think of is the kind I spray while ironing…is that what you are talking about? Can you buy it that is not in an aerosol can??

    thanks for the awesome project!

  12. Zohra

    what is liquid starch????

  13. Alison

    Where can you buy liquid starch? I have never heard of it before!

    1. susan cross

      any grocery store will have starch..even like a dollar store or walmart

  14. Tamara

    I haven’t used embroidery floss in a LONG time, but if memory serves me correctly it consists of 6 threads wrapped together. Did you use the entire thickness, or break apart into several pieces? Cute idea!

    1. Alissa

      Great question! I used the entire thickness.

  15. leigh

    When you say liquid starch are your referring to a mixture of corn starch and water or something bought like Faultless, Niagara and Sta-Flo?

    1. Alissa

      I used Sta-Flo liquid starch, from the laundry isle.

      1. Bridget

        Okay, for the life of me, I can NOT find ANY liquid starch ANY where. I have gone to a ton of stores. All anyone has is spray starch. Is there something else I can use? I really want to do this with my 5 year old and I have bought all the supplies needed, but can’t find liquid starch. Help please?

        1. Alissa

          I’ve seen some people use watered down white school glue or watered down mod podge, I’d give that a try.

          1. Alissa

            There’s also Stiffy fabric stiffener. I believe that can be found at craft stores.

          2. Bridget

            Thanks I will give those a try.

        2. Tonia

          I found Stay-Flo at WalMart in the detergent isle. Blue bottle…

          1. Megan

            You can also make your own liquid starch with corn starch
            1 Tbs cornstarch
            1/4 cup cold water
            3 3/4 tap water

            Bring tap water to rolling boil. While waiting for water to boil, mix the tablespoon of cornstartch into cold water. Sitr constantly until cornstarch is complete dissoclved Once water boils slowly stir in cornstarch mixtured. Remove from heat and let cool.

  16. Kristie

    Can’t blow air into the small water balloons….help!!!

    1. Alissa

      Hmmm, stretching them a little might help… and find someone with a good set of lungs! haha

    2. Sue M

      Try a balloon pump.

      1. Jeremy

        You can get a cheap balloon pump at most party stores or even online at various twisty balloon delivery sites.

  17. Holly

    Where would I find liquid starch?

  18. Julie

    Hi, where did you find liquid starch? I’m not sure where to find it!

    1. Alissa

      The laundry isle.

  19. Lorie

    I love this idea. I did it years ago for Christmas balls using small round balloons and glittery thin crochet yarn, but I like the floss. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

  20. Kristen

    I am going to do this tomorrow but have one question….where did you hang/place them to dry?

    1. Alissa

      I just sat them on some cardboard and rotated them after awhile so the bottom could dry too.

    2. Veronica

      A toilet paper roll cute about half inch sections works great to place the small eggs on to dry.

  21. Cindy Ponder

    love the easter eggs Do you think you could put these on small clear christmas lights and hang them up? Is the starch mixture or DMC floss flamable?
    God Bless

  22. Christy

    Is it possible to make liquid starch from dry starch if you have it? What is liquid starch? I’m thinking of corn starch, am I completely off? Sorry for so many questions! These eggs are soooo adorable.

    1. Kristen

      Liquid starch is what people use to iron clothing. My husband uses it with his military uniforms to get the crisp lines in the sleeves and pants. Good luck!

  23. KristenK

    These are super cute!!

  24. JULIA

    Hi Alissa!!! thanks for share this… I just LOVE IT!!!! But I have a question… what is that “liquid starch”, how can I made it, or where can I found it??? THANK YOU!!!

    1. Alissa

      You should be able to find a bottle of it down any laundry isle, I found mine at Walmart

    2. Heather

      I found the liquid starch in the laundry aisle in Target tonight. It was right next to the spray starch and it says non-aresol. So it is in liquid form spray bottle. Good luck. Can’t wait to try this with my kids. :)

  25. amanda

    I love this idea where do you buy the liquid starch?

    1. Alissa

      I got my liquid starch from the laundry detergent isle of Walmart.

  26. Liga Krista

    Hi, it is pretty, but what can you suggest to use instead of liquid starch? We do not have smth like that over here in shops :( can i use regular corn starch? Do i have to add glue then to the mixture?

    1. Kristen

      you can use watered down glue or a craft store should have something called “Stiffy”. it is a fabric glue/stiffener. Liquid starch is what people use to iron clothing. My husband uses it with his military uniforms to get the crisp lines in the sleeves and pants. Good luck!

  27. Sue M

    If you wanted to have a treat inside the finished egg, put it in the balloon before you blow it up. Then when you pop the balloon to take it out when it’s finished, the treat is inside the finished egg and you don’t have to cut it. And for drying, hang them up by a clothes peg on a line or sit them in a cup or cylinder.

    1. Shellz

      Wow thats a great idea, I will make a few with some prizes for my son during the easter hunt, as I don’t want to give him much chocolate prefer for him to find dyed eggs and these eggs and if i could put something inside even better :)

  28. Natalie

    Very cute idea!! Me and my 9 yr old will just have to try this! And I love how you said “don’t plop it in there” lol.

  29. Treehugger

    Wondering if dipped in polyurethane they could be used outside and keep their shape?

  30. Darlene Clark

    These are so neat to make. I worked with an Adult Day care about 10 years ago. We made these large eggs using crochet cotton or baby yarn ( the pastels are beautiful ). Our paste was made from an equal amount of Elmers glue and water. We then stood them on bases made of cicles of cardboard covered with wax paper to dry overnite. Some needed to dry longer. We then cut an oval on the side of the egg after popping the balloons. We then glued lace around the opening. we made new stand from heavy cardboard covered with coordinated colors, filled botom part of egg with easter grass…….made beautiful gifts.

  31. Nadia T.

    What a neat idea! I would love to pin this to my Pinterest board and was wondering if you gave us permission to do so. Thanks again for your creative crafts :)

    1. Alissa

      You most certainly have permission to pin, that’s why I stuck a “pin it” button on my post! I sure hope Pinterest gets it’s terms of service straightened out.

  32. Stephanie G

    So cute!!!!

  33. brooke

    these are soooooo awesome!! thank you for sharing. i can’t wait to do this with the kids!!! esp with easter coming up!!

  34. Holly

    These eggs are absolutely adorable. I made some tonight with my 8 and 12 year old daughters. It was a great project for us to work on together. They are drying now. I am anxious to see how they look in the morning when they are dry. Thanks for sharing this craft. I love them.

  35. Terri

    OMG I used to make these when I was a kid!!! Totally forgot about this craft project. Thank you for the reminder!! It will be fun to do with my grandkids….. =}

  36. Luciana

    What a great idea!!! Thank you for sharing :-)

  37. Lyn Gill

    These are sooo cute! I did the larger ones years ago but never thought of the banner. Brilliant & so darn cute! When I did the larger ones I wrapped them really full & when they were dry cut an opening in the front to insert Easter grass & gifts, really cute! TFS

  38. re tiredteacher

    I made similar crafts with elementary aged children for years and they loved it! I often used wallpaper paste in place of the starch — you could make your own paste using flour and water as well. We used to hang the balloons from the cuff you blow into so that the sculpture would dry without flat sides. I would string a clothes line in the classroom (in the basement at home) and clip them up with clothes pins. We used yarn or left over crochet thread —– whatever parents donated or I could dig up at the dollar store! I also decoupaged tissue paper on balloons — a more lengthly proccess, and then cut a hole in the dried egg, decorated the hole with lace, and filled them with goodies.

  39. Sue

    My mom did this with us when we were little. One little trick thoug – instead of dipping the string in the starch mixture, we would wrap the balloon first and then you a paint brush to paint the mixture on instead.

    1. Andrea

      Another site said to just roll the wrapped balloon around in a bowl of liquid starch and then prop them on a dixie cup to dry. I’m all about time efficiency!

  40. Vera

    This is beautiful. I did the same type of project years ago but in a large size with a knobby crochet yarn and another with an allover lace fabric. I used a permanent fabric stiffener. It is still available at craft stores. After the yarn dried, and the balloon was removed, I cut an oval out of the center of the front of the egg. If you hang them to dry, you can usually have a slightly damp bottom area, and it will flatten just enough to keep the egg upright when sitting alone. THEN…the most fun part…decorate with flowers, nests, birds and whatever you can come up with. They can be decorated inside and outside if you cut the hole in the front. With the lace one, I just pulled the fabric around the balloon, and pinched and wired it at the top. I trimmed the excess off the top, and any rough areas were hidden by the flowers I used to decorate the egg. I’m so glad to see this project again, with all the new ideas. Thanks, too for giving me an idea of how to use all that embroidery floss I have stashed!

  41. Molly

    Cute. I started to make some last night. Just an FYI. Don’t leave them out where your cat can get them. Mine loves them! I’ll be making some more tonight, lol. They liquid starch (sta flo, in a blue jug) I got in the laundry isle at Walmart. I got a bunch of the yarn, also at Walmart, it was in the kid craft isle, friendship bracelet kit. It was a box with several colors.

  42. Angie

    I must be doing something wrong. My balloons are coming out shaped like balls not eggs! Help

    1. Mimi

      Try blowing them up a bit larger.

      1. Stacey

        I am trying to make this with my daughter but my balloons are more pear shaped than egg. And they’re SMALL! Where did you get your nice big water balloons?

  43. Tracey

    this is a great idea, we are trying it with elmers glue, it seems to be drying ok, i hope it works….pray for me we just spent about 2 hours doing it…lol

  44. Maria @ Feisty Tapas

    This is a fantastic idea for all the leftover threads I have from my cross stitching! I love it.

  45. asiathinksthings

    Great! they are beautiful! I was looking for an idea for Easter decorations. I will try them for sure! thanks for sharing!
    greetings from Poland!

  46. Amanda

    I just did this with my daughter! We used liquid fabric stiffiner! We will see how it turns out, but next time I’m using the spray fabric stiffner!!!! This was simply too messy for a 4 year old!

  47. Rebecca

    Do you think it would work to thread white christmas light through? Maybe as an outside decoration to frame the door with?

  48. Haley

    Love your color choices. I’m thinking I’ll do this and make a wreath out of them. I will use yarn leftover from other projects. Can’t wait to try it!

  49. Heather

    I have one quick question. So, the balloons… You get water balloons, and when you blow them up, they look like egg shapes? Just want to make sure I get the right balloons. =) Many thanks!

    1. Alissa

      Yeah, I just used regular water balloons.

  50. Jessica

    When I was a young girl, my mom made Easter baskets using this technique with all cotton yarn (may have been very thick cotton thread) and large balloons. After they dried, she glued rosettes and lace on them. They were beautiful.

    1. Mimi

      I am definitely going to try this! The small ones were so easy! I bet giant Easter eggs will be awesome. I’m off to find seasonal colored yarn/heavy thread! Thanks for the idea!

  51. Melissa L.

    Could I use just regular yarn instead of the embroidery thread?

    1. Alissa

      You probably could, but I think embroidery thread would turn out better. I have never tried yarn.

    2. Autumn

      I was wondering the same thing? Have you tried it and did it work??

      1. Carene

        I used yarn for these many years ago and they are beautiful. Just be sure your yarn is soaked with the starch, or there will be some weak spots in the egg once it’s dry..

  52. Rukmini Roy

    This is fantastic. You can use the lace one as a pendant light. Just string a bulb and a wire. Will look cute.

  53. Marit

    Wow! Love this idea! I should try it out! Would make a nice gift for my mum :)

  54. Mimi

    I just made some of these last night. My computer was on the fritz and all I could remember was liquid starch. I only found non-aerosol Niagara spray starch. I did not mix it with anything, just sprayed the string. Today I popped the balloons and …wow! so cute! ….so easy! I had a couple that I didn’t like, so I just unwrapped them and did it again. No problem! Thanks for sharing this fun idea!

  55. Shannon

    This looks so festive! And it’s not your typical, tired decorations at Easter. I hope you don’t mind me reposting this on my website, holicraft.com. I’m also going to be making some for my home! Thanks so much!

  56. Geri

    My son and I just made a bunch of them…What fun and a great idea for Easter gifts. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

  57. Betty m

    Hi I was wondering do you think I could use fabric stiffer? I have some stiffy I was going to try.

    1. Holly

      Betty, I made some of these and I did use fabric stiffener mixed with flour. My mixture was very thick so I added water. A thinner mixture may work better. Mine turned out great and they are very sturdy.

  58. Kate

    Question, I realize this is kind of like paper mache without the paper.. but where/how did you put the eggs so that they would dry properly?

    1. Alissa

      Hi Kate,

      I just set them in a shallow cardboard box and it kept it’s shape. If you found some way to hang them up to dry, that might be better.

  59. Lindsay

    These look great! My friend has a beautiful lamp hanging in her dining room, white and it looks like it’s made the same way these are — just with a lot more embroidery floss to make it more opaque & filled out. It’s about the size of a paper lantern. I’m sure this recipe and a bigger balloon would do the trick! Cool!

  60. Adrienne

    Found this on pinterest and loved it! Amazing idea for in a bowl and the garland. Thank you for sharing!

  61. Audrey

    I love how you used some of the smaller balloons and made a garland. You can also use a product called “Stiffy” instead of the startch & flour mixture. You can buy Stiffy at Michaels Arts & Crafts.

  62. Mary Jane

    I have my twin grandaughters for a few days and these are going to be fun and messy. I am running out now to find everything I need to make them . they will be so happy ….there are 5

  63. Jamie

    Found your tutorial on pinterest when a friend repinned it. Tried it- it was so easy- made mine into a wreath: http://twoprincessesandamenagerie.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/spring-is-here/. Thanks so much for the idea (and hope you don’t mind me linking you in my blog but wanted to credit where I got the original instructions =).

  64. Tina

    I really think your idea for these Easter eggs are precious. I’m going to get some needle point yarn and have my granddaughter and I make these for her Easter basket better than dyeing eggs.

  65. Charis

    I wonder if you could use Mod podge (sp?)? I have both the liq fabric softner and mod podge so I am going to try both. Thanks

  66. Jo

    Great tutorial! Thanks for idea! I made a couple last night but having some trouble with loose strings. I bought my supplies sort of last minute so used a thin yarn instead of the embroidery floss, but it still looks great. Any tips on handling the loose ends once they are dry?

    1. Alissa

      I didn’t have a problem with lose ends, but you could probably trim them off if they’re not too long.

  67. Terese @ www.thecountrybasket.com

    Very cool! I’m going to try it with round balloons, like one of your readers suggested. Thanks for the idea!!

  68. Bonnie

    This is so cute. Thinking ahead…my son graduates in May. These ideas would make cool party decorations in school colors.

  69. laura

    Your directions were great! I am NOT crafty at all, but managed to complete 12 eggs during my daughter’s nap! Thanks so much for posting this.

  70. Jen Allen

    My daughter made these with her teacher a few years ago in 2nd grade… The teacher had the kids bring in their string and they blew up a big baloon (They use the yarn that you make washcloths from) they wrapped the balloon really well, and let them dry, then they cut the front side into a circular hole to make it into an easter basket with grass inside – I store it in my laundry room cabinet and take it out for her to have each year at Easter – It was a great project. Thanks for sharing this idea!


  71. lori

    My sister and I made these with my three girls. What fun. They last for years. We did make a big one and filled it with eastergrass and little chicks. This brought back alot of good memories.

  72. Jen W.

    Love this! It is exactly what I was looking for. My two neices are sleeping over tonight and my daughter, age 12 want to do this craft! Thanks for you inspiration! Found you on pinterest!

  73. Amanda

    LOVE this idea of yours! THANK YOU for sharing!! I am enjoying your blog so much!!

  74. Katie

    I made these today with my 2 year old son, he LOVED it! We made some with embroidery floss and some with yarn. They all turned out great! Thank you :)

  75. Candice

    I’m so excited to try this for my MOPs (Mothers Of PreSchoolers) group. I’m the craft coordinator and always looking for new and fun crafts. I think this will be perfect for Easter next month! Thanks for sharing!!

  76. Cindy

    My kids and I did this and they turned out perfect!!! Thanks for the fun craft idea:)
    We did not have starch so we used elmers glue, flour and water and it worked out great!

    1. Taryn

      What is the recipe for the elmers glue, flour and water mixture? I haven’t been able to find the liquid starch and what to make these with my Guide unit

  77. Leah

    This is a great idea. Just wondering, do you think the liquid starch spray would work?

  78. Anne

    Help! I am on my second round of trying these. I found the mixture of liquid starch and flour caused it to be clumpy. When it dried there was white all over the string. Any tips? Or what did I do wrong? Beyond the white flakes, they looked great.

    1. Alissa

      My mixture worked great for me! I don’t have any other tips for liquid starch and four.
      I’ve seen some people use watered down elmers glue, I would give that a try.

    2. Holly

      Try a thinner mixture, water it down a little with some water. Before wrapping the balloon with the string, run the string though your fingers to wipe off the excess mixture. Then wrap the balloon.

  79. michelle@somedaycrafts

    These are so cute! I love them. I am featuring them today at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. Grab my “featured” button.

  80. m&company

    love it!

  81. elyse

    I am working on these right now and I cannot for the life of me blow up the water balloons!! ahhhh…..

  82. May

    how did you blow up the balloons? i had a hell of a time doing it and then discovered the compressed air used for cleaning computers and such works really really well… but then they started deflating WAY before the string was dry so they didn’t look anything like eggs lol
    maybe i just need too stretch out the balloons a lot more before trying to blow them up, but i BARELY got one filled and my cheeks hurt lol

    1. Alissa

      I guess I just have a good set of lungs. Stretching it does help. I try not to fill my cheeks with air as I blow to save my cheeks. I’ve also seen someone use some sort of pump to fill of their balloons, unfortunately I don’t know where you can find one.

  83. Jannali

    what’s the ”goo”? what did you use to make it? And do you need a certain kind/brand of balloons to make this?

    1. Alissa

      The goo is one part flour to two parts liquid starch. As far as I know you don’t need a certain kind of brand. Unfortunately I don’t know what brand I used.

  84. Carrie

    Adorable! I love how you made them into a garland. I’m going to attempt this with my daughter later this week. I’ve also seen it done with cornstarch and glue.

    I hope you don’t mind, but I linked your how-to to my new blog. This is my first visit to your site and I think it’s great!

  85. Shannon

    so are water balloons different from regular balloons? and if so, where do you buy them? regular balloons def. don’t have the shape of an egg when blown up.

    1. Alissa

      Both the big and small balloons I used were old, I don’t know where they came from. Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions on how to find balloons with a good egg shape.

      1. Shannon

        this was an epic fail for me. the threat kept sliding off the balloons. : (

        1. Shannon


    2. Veronica

      Shannon I bought my water balloons at The Dollar Tree. For my big egg I got balloons from the party isle at Wal-Mart.
      The string will slide/move while it’s wet but running it between your fingers (pinched together thumb index finger) to squeeze some of the liquid out will help). Also try to hold the end carefully in place while making the first few wraps.

  86. Stephanie

    Doing this with my class tomorrow! Fingers crossed. :)

  87. Katelyn Krum Shaw

    Hey just a thought. I made these yesterday and after they were starting to dry I added glitter. They turned out AMAZING! I tried adding glitter to them as soon as all the floss was on them and it was just a little too much. You have to wait until they have dried a bit. Thanks for the GREAT idea!

  88. Kathleen

    How long do they need to dry?!

    1. Alissa

      Let them dry over night.

  89. Arelis

    Saludos. Es la primera vez que visito tu blog y me encantó esta actividad. Creo que la intentaré con los niños en casa. Gracias.

  90. Johanna

    I LOVE these. I think I am going to have to try them next week! And I was just at Hobby Lobby today… bummer. I will have to go back to get some embroidery thread!

  91. Lisa

    What size balloon did you use for the ones you put in the vase/bowl?

    1. Alissa

      water balloon sized

  92. stephanie

    Super cute! doing this today with 2 11 year olds! thanks

  93. Sandi

    This was my first craft from Pinterest! Loved it! I have a tip though: I used a toothbrush to get the extra residue off the egg after they have dried. It worked great! The thicker clumps you will still need to use a pin.

  94. Elspeth

    I was mixing up the starch/flour mixture and have lumps. I was wondering if it will still work or if I should try mixing it up again?

    I put the flour in paper bowls and then added the starch. HELP!!!

    1. Alissa

      I should have mentioned this in the post, but I blended the flour and liquid starch together in a blender.

  95. Lisa

    Thanks for all your awesome tips! I used all of them when making this wreath: http://wineandglue.blogspot.com/2012/03/easter-egg-wreath.html

    1. Alissa

      Your wreath looks fabulous! thanks for sharing it with me.

  96. Amy

    We used to make Easter Baskets like this growing up. Just use a bigger balloon and more string. They were so fun! But a little messy! :)

  97. Leslie

    What a great colorful decor for this Easter season..

  98. Kerrie

    Great ideas, these are all beautiful and thanks for all the directions!

  99. Beth

    I also found a website that you can make your own liquid starch. That would make this craft even cheaper!

    1. Alissa

      Thanks for sharing that! I wonder how well it works. If you ever try it, let us know!

  100. katie

    Do you think that cornstarch would work? We’re doing this for a staff meeting at my camp this week, maybe we’ll make wreaths out of them!

    1. Alissa

      It might, I would do a test run before your meeting.

  101. Bonnie

    I used baby yarn instead of the em. floss for my garland yesterday. I moved them outside to finish drying after a couple of hours. I guess the humidity caused it not to dry, b/c it was really wet when I went to get them before bed and the egg shape had fallen. Question:I was planning to hang the garland on my porch for an Easter party….do you think the shape will hold if they are able to dry completely? Do you think the yarn is too heavy for the liquid starch?

  102. chiara

    Ithink they ar so good the 5/6 did them and im am going to do them for easter.I love them.Thanks for the great thinking of them.chiara (kiara)

  103. Suzanne

    I tried making these using a different site’s directions and they didn’t work because the yarn stuck to the balloon, so when I popped the balloon, the string collapsed because it was stuck to the balloon and not the other strings. I used ModPodge/water mixture and 10 inch lengths of smooth yarn. Any ideas where I went wrong?

    1. Alissa

      Even with my mixture the string stuck to the balloon a little bit, although i dont think it would have crushed the egg after popping. Even though my eggs would have been fine being sligtly stuck to the balloon, I still loostened the string from the balloon before popping. I did this by poking the balloon with my finger through an opening, causing the balloon to separate from the string… If that makes sense. This technique would probably work for the modpodge mixture.

  104. Barbara

    This is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

  105. cyndi

    These are adorable.

  106. Maren

    I love these so much, but it’s only a week until Easter and they are enough work that I’m sad they will only be around a short time. Any tips on storing them for next year? Or should I not try? (sorry if you’ve already answered this question, I skimmed through a bunch of the comments then got over whelmed with people not finding liquid starch. :) ) thanks for the awesome idea!

    1. Alissa

      Hmm, I haven’t thought much about storing them. They would need to be kept in a dry place where they wouldn’t get squished.

  107. Anna-Lena

    First I want to say thanky ou for the great tips.
    Why not use the mix sugar & water that you use for chrochet stuff to get stiff?
    Wouldn’t that work? Anyone tried it? It would be good for the nature to use natural stuff too. :)

    1. Alissa

      I’ve seen some people say that the sugar & water mixture works for this project. I’ve never tried it myself, but It seems like it would be a good alternative.

  108. Sassy Sites

    Happy Monday! Your Easter eggs are included on my list of 101 Things to do with an Easter egg today! Come by and have a look!


    xoxo! Marni @ Sassy Sites!

  109. Laura

    MADE 4 OF THESE IN VARYING SIZES W/ PODGY FROM MICHEALS CRAFTS..worked well..but I used the end of a spoon to remove the baloon from the Podgy..
    I left a bit of the ‘plastic” on to make the egg stronger..great craft idea..Thx..put it in a centerpiece w/ tiny choc.eggs..;)

  110. mithila

    I made these over the weakened with my kids and they look great. Just one question, the ones I did with the Easter egg how do i take them out?

    1. Alissa

      I’m a little unsure what you are asking. Are you asking how I got the balloon out? I popped the balloon.

  111. Christine

    Made these last week came out Awesome !! made a bunny one too made ears with one of those long balloons and tied it to a circle balloon didnt think it would work but it did and looks great !!

    1. Alissa

      I love that idea! Genius!

  112. Kristen

    String your egs onto a strand of white Christmas lights. It creates a nice shadowy glow!!!

  113. Desirae

    Is fabric stiffener the same as liquid starch? I am having a hard time getting my hand on liquid starch locally so I’m curious if say Aleene’s Fabric Stiffener and Draping Liquid or Stiffy Fabric Stiffener would work for this project. If so, do I mix it with flour and water?

    1. Alissa

      From what I read, just plain ol’ Stiffy would work. No need to mix water or flour or anything with it. I would assume Aleen’s Fabric Stiffener would work as well.

      1. Desirae

        Okay awesome! Thanks a lot! I’m excited to do this craft with my kids and some friends and don’t want to flub it up too bad : ) …

        1. Desirae

          I also just found Crafter’s Pick Fabric Stiffener which I might choose to use as it says it’s non-toxic and kid friendly… The other products may be as well, but I haven’t read anything that states so… Just an FYI to others :)

  114. FaveCrafts

    What a great idea! And I love that you arranged them in a bowl and in garland form! These would also be great for Halloween if you used sparkle thread and glued a fake spider on it to make a fun spider nest!

  115. Meredith

    FYI, Joeann’s Fabrics has the thread buy one pack get one half off. Also, on your smart phone…look in your market for JoeAnn’s Coupons. It’s the app that is PLAIN white with black letters. There is a 50% off coupon. It made this project super cheap.
    I’m trying to decide how best to dry these :)
    As for the starch, Publix, Winn Dixie, Target, Wal mart, Walgreens has them. Most likely CVS too. It’s just like spray starch for clothing but it is non aerosol, manual pump. Old school. It’s super cheap too.

  116. Meredith

    Hey people. I made these today and really appreciate the additions she made to the directions. DEFINATELY unwind your yarn into the stiffner. I did several the right way then tried it the quick way. Big mistake. Also, buy string/yarn a shade DARKER than you want it to end up as the stiffner fades the color a bit b/c the flour is white. I bought pastel colors b/c that’s what her eggs look like, but if you see her actual yarn, it’s a bit brighter/darker than the finished product. I’ll be taking my second pack back and getting the brighter/darker colors. My 4 year olds gave up fast but I’m LOVING making them. I hung a twine across my pot rack and am letting them dry hanging by clothes pins. Happy Egg Wrapping!!!~

  117. Nicoletta

    dear alissa, they are beautiful! I reblogged here http://1129designorecchinigioielli.blogspot.it/2012/04/uova-di-filo-colorato.html, hope you don’t mind baci from italy

  118. Emilee

    I love this!! I made a wreath out of my mine!! And I love it! :)

  119. Laura

    These turned out great! I have a quick tip…the water balloons are hard to blow up. If you fill them with water first, then drain the water before blowing air into them, it makes it a litte bit easier. Anyway, thanks for the idea!

  120. Darci the STEM mom


    I LOVED this idea so much. Your crafty-ness is inspiring and led me to buy liquid starch, which I’d never bought before. This activity would also make beautiful Christmas ornaments…I must remember this come November!

    I made a dozen of these eggs following your directions and had no problems at all! I wasn’t able to engage my 5 year old like I thought I could, but instead we explored the ideas of patten-making and static electricity. I blogged about it here if you want to read it. I linked to your site, telling my reader to visit here for the detailed instructions.

    Thanks so much for the amazing craft!


  121. Ashlyn

    This is cool

  122. eryn

    These are amazing! And they look like they’re easy to do, too. I love them! I pinned it: http://pinterest.com/pin/91690542383643901/

  123. Desirae

    Am I the only one spending more time unknotting the DRY floss than doing the actual project??? Ha ha just unraveling the skein I had knots! I ended up with a few knots that were so tight I just tossed the floss and started a new… Never did I get a knot once I put the floss into the stiffener. Hmmmm maybe I just need to take my time a little more…

  124. Anja

    What a lovely garlan, it’s a bit late now but a great idea for next year. :-)
    I hope you don’t mind, I put a link on my blog

    Happy Easter from Holland.

  125. lola cordero

    Para el almidón líquido: se prepara en casa 1 litro de agua, se pone a hervir y se le agregan 5 cucharadas de almidon en polvo que es fecula de maiz o maicena, disuelta en agua se revuelve energicamente y se hacer hervir nuevamente y ya.

  126. Michelle

    These are so cool. I love all the different colors you used! I’m doing an Easter link up today over on my blog…http://rustsunshine.blogspot.com. Would love it if you joined us!

  127. Cheryl

    I have made these eggs with regular white glue and water. One part glue and one part water. Works great. I make an Easter tree of sorts by placing pussy willows in a vase and hanging the eggs from the branches.

  128. Shaun Skerbitz

    How fun! You reminded me that I had made these when I was little and LOVED IT! I’m always looking for fun things to do with my kiddo’s AND love it when I find things that I had done as a child ;) Thanks for sharing!

  129. C

    Sooo bummed! I bought all the supplies to make these only to NOT be able to blow up the ballons. Neither my husband nor I could do it after all the tricks others mentioned.

  130. MamaK

    My head and cheeks hurt from trying to blow up water balloons! I’ve tried 2 different brands and every imaginable technique and they will NOT budge.

  131. Veronica

    I came to your blog a week or so ago from a friend’s pin on pinterest. As I was looking around I was SO EXCITED to find this particular blog post! When I was growing up my mom had 2 large eggs ( A yellow one and a pink one) & a basket she’d made this way. The basket didn’t survive storage one year, but the eggs were a constant Easter decoration. I loved them and admired their beauty EVERY year. Several years ago I asked her where the eggs were and could I have them since she has an empty nest and doesn’t decorate like she did when we were home. Unfortunately the eggs were no longer any good either. So I asked her how she made them because I was going to make my own. She couldn’t remember. I have had a wonderful time through out the week crafting my eggs. I finished my big egg just in time for Easter. THANK YOU for this post and for bringing a happy childhood memory into my home so I can share it w/ my girls. You can see my eggs here… http://photobucket.com/StringEggs I even made a garland – will photograph it & get it posted too. Happy Easter! He is Risen!

    1. Alissa

      I love how they turned out! thank you for sharing.

      1. Veronica

        Thank you Alissa! I’m pretty excited. Hope I can successfully pack up the little ones to use them again next year. I finally got the photos of the garland added to my photobucket album.
        P.S. I used the string yarn for the big one it took me hours to make it. If I make more w/ the yarn/string I will definitely have an extra pair of hands to help feed it through the goo. Wish I’d read your blog in more detail to see you just used multiple strands of Embroidery floss to do your big egg. LOL

  132. JM

    This looked like a great idea. I decided to do 10 or so with my daughter yesterday afternoon. After letting the eggs dry overnight, I popped the first one this morning. Unfortunately, the starch also stuck to the balloon and thus when popped the whole egg crumples. Anyone else had the same issue? Any tips on how to avoid this problem?

    1. Suzanne

      The first time I tried to do these, the same thing happened. I posted my problem on here, and Alissa said that she separates the string from the balloon once it’s dried BEFORE popping the balloon. That really helped. Use your finger, a toothpick, or something flat to gently pry the string off the balloon. Good luck!

    2. Darci the STEM mom

      I tried spraying the one of my 12 “eggs” with cooking spray before wrapping the balloons. It made it very slippery to work with, and I didn’t notice a big difference in the stickyness of the balloons when I went to pop them. I had a few eggs have indented sides, but I figured it was from not being completely dry before I popped them.

  133. Jay

    How flammable are these? Could I put them over christmas lights without worrying and would the starch mixture make it more flammable?

  134. Karen

    Thought you’d be interested in seeing this:

    Someone stole your images and posted it in Chinese.
    And then it ended up on Pinterest here: http://pinterest.com/pin/199002877254843510/

    You should watermark your original images with your blog name. :)

    1. Alissa

      Thanks Karen,

      I hate it when people do that. I don’t think they even added a link back to my page. It doesn’t bug me so much when they give me credit, but this one didn’t.

      I started watermarking for this very reason, but I already had this picture posted and a billion pins attached to it so I decided It was better to leave the post as is, but my future posts are definitely going to be watermarked.

  135. Karen

    At the very least, you should complain to Pinterest:

    This is wrong, and not what Pinterest is about. You should be getting credit where credit is due.

    By the way, pretty much everything on that duitang site is a rip off. Pinterest should shut them down.

  136. Bianca

    I tried these today! but instead of using starch i used PVA glue & water mixed together! they turned out awesome! :) so now i have a bunch of the on a white serving plate and they look so good :) thanks for the idea!

  137. beverley peffers

    I just joined this site and love your idea. Thank you and will be trying it in the near future. Have so much floss left from other projects.

  138. decaptchers

    Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave
    it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She placed the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell someone!

  139. Carol-Ann

    These are adorable! I was wondering could you wrap the string around your “egg” and then paint your starch mixture onto it with a sponge brush?

  140. Alyssia

    I think I will try this, but I am going to put candy inside of the balloons so when I pop them the candy stays inside. I will use the eggs to hide outside instead of plastic ones for easter!!

    1. Alissa

      That sounds like a great idea! Hopefully it won’t be too difficult to fit the candy in the balloon.

  141. Caitlin

    I’ve tried to make these a few times…however, when I go to pop the balloon the string gets pulled with it deflating and the shape is all ruined…I can’t seem to figure out how to make them stay in the ball form…any tips?

    1. Alissa

      I’m sorry you’ve had trouble making the eggs. Try poking the balloon with your finger or another blunt object to separate the string from the balloon, then pop it.

  142. Jessie

    Where do you put them to dry?

    1. Alissa

      I set mine in a shallow cardboard box, it might have been better if I lined it with wax paper to prevent any sticking. I’ve also heard of people drying them propped up in small disposable cups.

  143. Phie Mercedes

    REALLY NICE!!! =) love the idea. I think I am going to use them as lamp shade or just hang them in the bedroom. =) I would not use the easter colours tho. More like white and blue for my bedroom.
    You are very creative!

  144. Dana

    I absolutely love this idea, but I have no access to balloons where I’m living right now… but… I have access to plenty of latex gloves so I’m going to try it out for a Halloween decoration! I know that it might look a little bit dis-proportioned, being that gloves have a funny looking hand part when blown up, but it still has a lot of potential :-D And when I get home again, I will most definitely be making these eggs. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  145. kathy

    I remember my mother and I doing this every year at Easter except we used crochet thread.

  146. Joyce

    I loved your craft and Ithought you di one a wonderfuf job on it. I’m going to get my grandkids together and make some for this coming Easter. Again great job and keep the ideas coming.

  147. Aubrie

    Love this! Also saw a tutorial where small items were placed inside the balloon (they put easter candy) so when the balloon was popped there were little treats left behind in the egg!

  148. Kall

    Question? I am looking to make a big snowman using this idea. However i was wondering are they strong enough to stack on top of each other?

  149. audrey

    you could put jelly beans in the ballons before blowing them up then when you pop the ballon there will be candy in the eggs. this is a great idea. thank you.

  150. veronica

    hi could tell me how long it takes water mix??? thanks

  151. Cathy

    Just wantd to mention (and I didn’t quite read all the posts…so hope I’m not repeating) that my mom made several “Easter eggs” many years ago. I think she used a sugar mixture…but my main reason for posting here is that she used a larger balloon and only wrapped about 3/4 of the balloon. She probably left the quarter with the blow up part on it empty. Then, when it was dry and she popped the balloon there was a nice size opening to put Easter grass and little easter trinkets inside. Also, she used variegated pastel yarn to make the egg. Nice Easter colors!

    I enjoy your blog!


  152. anita haugen

    These were lovely….

  153. Kraftygranny

    I made these beautiful baskets 40 years ago with my now grown children. We used Elmer’s glue (watered down). They make beautiful centerpieces or decorations when you cut a hole in the side and put easter grass, chics, rabbits and eggs in them. A few weeks ago I was looking for something on the top shelf of one of my closets and found a box that still had one of these in it and it was still in great shape. I don’t know if starch will hold up that well, but glue lasts a very long time.

  154. Jules

    My first visit to Pinterest and my first project. I love it!!!!!!!

  155. Joan

    Does anyone know what the best way to dry these would be without messing them up?

    1. Lisa @ Wine & Glue

      It really helps to dry them on wax paper or parchment paper! And flip halfway through the drying process :)

    2. Gina

      I used large Christmas ornament hooks I had. I poked them through the tied end of the balloon, then hung them on my clothesline in the basement to dry. It worked great!

  156. Gerda

    I made these in black, with spiders all over, for Halloween.

  157. Kate dc

    I’ve done these and added mini chocolate eggs inside the balloon. Little bit fiddly getting the balloon out but definitely worth it when the kids try to figure how you get the choc eggs inside. We’ve made them for my daughters gr 1 class with a happy Easter ribbon wrapped around them and a few mini eggs in each. Absolutely loving the garland idea… Off to start the next batch. Lol!

  158. Jan

    I have used Elmer’s glue diluted with a little water in the past to stiffen things.

  159. ruby

    I tried making these, and once the balloons were dry i went to pop them and the “egg” just collapsed :( .

  160. Kathleen

    I can find the starch, but where can I find the balloons ? Thanks !

  161. Bev Teachworth

    I tried this and it was great. The only tip I can give is that I soaked and put too much glue on the balloon so cleanup after it dried was harder. I would squeeze out the glue mixture as I wrapped next time. Thans for the idea

    1. Gina

      I found that gently brushing the eggs with an old toothbrush worked well with cleaning up the extra dried on bits between the string.

  162. Michelle

    How do you get the craft to dry? Im thinking of doing this with my kids at school but im not sure if I can find anywhere to hang them without them being destroyed.

  163. Terri

    I made a really big one of these several years ago. I think I remember using watered down glue. It was beautiful.

  164. Kaye

    I loved following your instructions, but after popping the balloons there were tons of the dry flaky stuff all over and tons more to scrape. Did I do something wrong?

  165. Gina

    Has anyone tried this with yarn?

  166. Julie

    Take a string of white twinkling lights and floral wire and affix each twinkle light inside of an egg and string it up and it will light up. :D

  167. Dana

    I loved your idea. I made mine today using flour and starch. Worked perfect. To dry mine I used a mini clothes line and clip clothespins. Pinned the tied top of the balloon and hung them to dry. Thank you for the beautiful eggs..I may glitter some too.

  168. Alicia

    I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this, but to dry mine, I had extra shoe laces lying around and I strung the shoelaces through the ends of the balloons (making sure there was enough space between the balloons so they could dry without touching). I tied the ends of one shoelace to kitchen cabinet handles and the ends of another shoe lace in the shower. They dried pretty fast this way. Also, I found that instead of popping the balloon with a pin, I pulled the balloon taught and slowly cut the end of the balloon off. I discovered this accidentally, but the string seems to keep its shape better and is more sturdy. Plus, you don’t have the mess of having the liquid starch/flour residue spray everywhere (from the balloon popping) making it look like you have a sever case of dandruff all over your body.

  169. Eliza

    Oh my goodness these are so cute!!! Definitely gonna make them! Oh, and I absolutely LOVE that you said they looked swell (that is just a wonderful word)!!!!

  170. Brittany

    What did you use to let them dry on?

    1. Alissa

      I just put them in a shallow cardboard box. Some people have strung them up to dry, which seems like a better solution.

  171. Zoe

    Can you make liquid starch?

  172. Tracy

    Loved this idea, so my daughter and I tried it today for Easter tomorrow. Not sure what we did wrong, but ours did not work. We used friendship bracelet thread that seemed perfect for this project. We did the mixture just as you did and the string and wrapped around the balloon. It took a very long tIme to dry and even then was kind of moist. We popped the balloon and the whole thing deflated with the balloon. What do you think we could do differently so it would work? Thanks.

  173. chellie

    We did this with our 4-H group but our water balloons did not make a nice balloon shape, just a round ball. How did you get yours to be in an egg shape??, Thanks, Chellie

  174. Eileen

    We did something similar to this back in elementary school (mid ’90’s), but made Easter baskets out of them. They were cute!

  175. nanny31

    super idée décorative et bien jolie

  176. Juanita simball


  177. Kathryn

    I am going to try making these with yarn on a regualr size balloon, I hope yarn works okay but i assume it will work fine

    1. Gina

      I made some with yarn and it worked fine. ;-)

  178. marsha frederick

    I use to do this with my Grandmother over 50 years ago. She made these at Christmas. After wrapping the string around the balloon and popping the balloon she would sprinkle the string with glitter. She hung up around the house.
    Thanks for sharing this…

  179. Justin Justin

    Are you Pentecostal or Apostolic?

    1. Alissa

      Im actually a Latter-Day Saint (aka Mormon).

  180. Virginia Rozell


  181. Corissa

    These could also be adorable Christmas ornaments! Thank you for this brilliant idea!

  182. Akanksha

    I loved your idea so much , I got all the material and I m definitely going to try this , but there is one thing which I am not sure. I have got liquid stiffener used for clothes , but it is very thick . Can I add little water in the mixture. Also is it very necessary to blend it in a blender?
    thank you .

  183. Carla

    Puede ser en lugar del almidon liquido cola vinilica?? Gracias!

  184. B.A.

    Yours are so cute and egg shaped. Mine are fat and barely look like eggs. Maybe I need different balloons?

  185. Sheri

    Do you have any advice for making them survive outside? Would love to have on a tree.

  186. Rahima

    Can you use glue instead of starch and flower

  187. Ked Kirkham

    I have been looking for a craft that nursing home residents could do and enjoy. I have found it! Thank you. I am going to adapt this for Valentines: reds and pinks etc

  188. Stacy

    I was wondering how many eggs can you make with the one recipe of 1 cup liquid starch and 1/2 cup flour.

  189. jamie

    What is the purpose of the flour? Can you just soak it in liquid starch? Or wrap the balloon and use a spray bottle of liq. starch?

  190. Nicki Paige

    ok mine aren’t turning out… Can you use yarn?

  191. trina

    Can u use mod podge? Can u use mod podge

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