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Pretty Posh Pet Food Plate

Wow, that title is corny. Oh well, I’m keepin’ it.


Remember my jadite collection?  oh you do? good. Well, my jadite dishes just sit on my shelf up in my room, never having the chance to be used… because who wants to climb to another story of the house for a plate when you have a cupboard full of plates right there in the kitchen?

Oh, and for any of you who don’t know, I moved back in with my parents. I just thought I’d point that out in case you were thinking “what kind of weirdo keeps the dishes in their bedroom?”. I assure you, I wouldn’t normally do that.  I picture these dishes sitting on open shelving in a kitchen someday, probably white shelves, it’ll be beautiful.

So, I decided to pull the price tag off a couple of my unused dishes and give them a purpose! (besides sitting on a shelf being pretty)

That’s right. That is big ‘ol glob of cat food sitting in my antique bowl.

And this is my pritty kitty, Winkles, enjoying her meal.

Yes, my cat eats off dishes that are more expensive than the dishes I eat off of.  So spoiled.  But it’s okay, Martha Stewart feeds her cats out of jadite bowls too.

My kitty doesn’t even like her canned cat food very much, she just likes the gravy. I wish I knew that before I bought a whole case of it… *sigh*. And don’t worry, I will more than likely tell you more about Winkles since I just love her so much and can’t keep it in. I like taking pictures of her too, so you’ll probably get to enjoy a sample of them.. such as this one.

So how about you? Do you have a spoiled pet? does he/she eat off antique dishes as well? Let me know!

PS- sorry for the poor lighting conditions. I knew I should have waited for a sunny day to take the pictures.


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  1. tammie

    my cat is very spoiled also. i change his dished with the seasons. he even had his own christmas tree on his placemat to look at while he ate of his Christmas dishes!

  2. Sarah-Jayne

    I giggled as I read this, my pampered feline eats from antique Poole pottery bowls. I eat off whatever is clean . . .!

  3. Sandy

    My Missey would only eat the gravy, too! She would have been happy if the flakes or grilled ‘meat’ bits had never made it into the can! LOL! My Max is the same way… I attribute that behaviour to Missey Prissy! rip… I miss her. sigh….

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