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Yarn Craspedias

I’m an orange soda lover, so imagine how excited I was when I saw this vintage Shasta orange soda can at the thrift store several weeks ago. I almost paid the $20 to get it, but I decided to save my money for jadeite since that is my true love. However, the can was still there yesterday with a $5 price tag, so I snatched it up! woohoo! AND after looking at all the old price tags, I learned that they originally priced it at $30!  I’m glad I only paid five, although I’d still be tempted to buy it at thirty.

I took it home and admired it… and then realized that, although it’s super cool, this is a man antique. There is nothing feminine about an old orange rusty metal can. SooOOOoo I decided to girl it up with flowers, flowers will make anything girly.  I instantly decided I wanted those small round yellow flowers that are so popular nowadays, I LOVE ’em. After some researching I learned that they’re called craspedias. Good to know.  Putting water in this can probably wouldn’t be the best idea, so it’d have to be fake.  Since I didn’t feel like checking the craft store to see if they have any artificial craspedias, I decided to make my own with yarn!  Here’s how I did it.

1- Grab some orange soda to quench your craving.

2- Wrap some yellow yarn around a fork. I wrapped it around 20 times.

3-Wrap some yarn around a few times through the middle spokes. Tightly. Then glue it down.4- Cut the loops open.

5- Fluff up the flower and hot glue it to a stick.

If I had  taken a closer look at a craspedia before I made this I probably would have picked a skinnier, lighter colored stick.   I still like how it turned out though, yarn doesn’t look realistic either so my random sticks work, it’s more like a crafty interpretation of craspedias. Someday I would like to get more realistic looking craspedias, or dried craspedias, but for now I’m satisfied.

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