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Quilled Snowflake

I was originally planing to do this project for my winter wreath , but quilling was new to me and spray panting already made wooden snowflakes seemed much easier. However, since I had already bought quilling supplies, I decided I would still try my hand at making quilled snowflakes.

I just kind of winged it today, there was no pattern or anything.  This means I have no directions to share, but I encourage you to get your creative juices flowing and make up your own design as well.

If you don’t know what quilling is, it’s basically rolled up paper that’s glued together to make a shape. You can squish the paper, or roll from different ends to create different scrolled designs. When it’s all put together, especially with snowflakes, you get a very pretty and intricate design.

You need a special tool to easily roll up the paper. The kind I used has a little slot where you insert the paper, I recommend this kind.  I also used a snowflake grid, found “here”, to help keep my scrolls uniform.  Put some wax paper over it so your project doesn’t stick to the paper.

This was the glue I used, but I’m sure any kind of glue would work.

I love this so much! I’m not perfect at it yet, but they still look fabulous.  It’s also fairly easy, and rather relaxing, and I like how It’s something you can do while watching TV or chatting with people.

How about you? have you quilled anything before? Let me know! I would love to see your projects.

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  1. Maggie

    Hi Alissa! Thanks for dropping by over at sweetwaterbaby! I got my yellow chevron fabric at a local by-the-pound fabric shop. So it was just a remnant. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    And your quilled snowflake is to.die.for!

    Maggie :)

  2. laxsupermom

    Love the quilled snowflake! It’s so delicate and pretty looking. My sister had quilled flowers on the place cards at her wedding, and I had wanted to give it a try, but never did. Thanks for the reminder of a neat craft project to try.

    1. Alissa

      Oh, that sounds like a great idea! I’ll have to keep that in mind for a future wedding. Flowers for a spring wedding, Snowflakes for a winter wedding.

  3. Robin

    Very pretty! I am passing this on to my 12 year old daughter. She loves origami, and I think she would enjoy trying this too. Thanks!

    1. Alissa

      I’m sure she will! This is a great craft for older kids.

  4. Bronwyn

    This is just so delicate and pretty. It must have taken hours! I remember learning to quill as a child – I really must give it a try again. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Alissa

      Thanks! It really didn’t take that long. I didn’t time it, but I wouldn’t say “hours”. It might though if you’re a perfectionist, which I’m not.

  5. Heather

    Your snowflake is very pretty. Thanks for linking it up to So Very Creative. I featured it today, make sure to come grab a button!


  6. Dona

    Oh, that’s just spectacular! I love it and of course, now I want to do it! I’ve never even heard of quilling (I don’t think, anyway) and I’m ready to be hooked. Did you get your supplies at a craft store? Any craft store? Or is it more specialized? Seriously, I don’t NEED another project! But I WANT this! So……thanks?!

    1. Alissa

      I’m new to quilling as well. Once I saw quilled snowflakes I just HAD to make them. Looked at a few craft stores and I finally found quilling stuff at Hobby Lobby.

  7. Jennifer

    Hi! I love your snowflake! I just started quilling a few months ago and your right! It can e very relaxing and there are so many things you can do…
    Feel free to check out some of my quilled projects…

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