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DIY Earring Holder Tutorial

Today I got my craft on and finally got around to making my earring holder.  It only took me about four months, HAHA.

Now, before you get any nightmares,  I want to mention that I don’t wear most of those earrings.  You can rest easy tonight, my dear readers.  These are left overs from my crazy earring phase in High School. I was allowed to get my ears pierced when I was sixteen and I went WILD. hahaha…


Now, to make the earring holder I started out with a 25 cent garage sale frame.  I didn’t get a picture before I spray painted it, FAIL.  But I can tell you that it was a sassy brassy color.  I also didn’t photograph the spray painting process *hangs head in shame*, but the paint I used was Rustoleum Sun Yellow Gloss spray paint. I took it outside, put it on some cardboard and followed the directions on the can.

Then, a couple of months later (today) I finally got around picking out some lace for it!  My mom has a vast amount of sewing stuff, including lace. The lace in the picture is only a small portion of her collection.

Basically all I did was grab some lace and draped it over the frame to get an idea of what it’d look like. I was pretty proud of myself for picking the first ones I grabbed instead of trying out ever piece of lace she owns. It could have taken me hours to pick out the lace, but it didn’t and it turned out really well.

Once I found lace I liked I snipped them free and brought everything down to my work surface, and then arranged the lace to where I wanted them to be.

And then I glued them down with hot glue (my mom helped a little so I could take pictures).

After I glued them all down I trimmed the lace.

Then I had to find a way to hang it.  I’m actually not so sure my frame is an actual picture frame, it has four little balls or feet on the corners. I think it used to be some sort of tray or display thingy that didn’t hang.  So I decided to tie a thin piece of lace around the top two feet.

And then secured it with some  hot glue. Then trimmed it.

After that I screwed a screw into the wall and hung it up.

To finish it up, I bedazzled the screw and added some earrings.

I love it!  Maybe I’ll wear different earrings more often now that they’re in a handy spot.  I seriously had to go hunting to find where I put all my earrings, I usually just wear the same two pairs over and over again. Jumbo rainbow hoops, here I come!


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